In a now-viral video, a skier saves a snowboarder trapped underneath the snow. HOLR is diving into the details of the dramatic video rescue, below.

In a terrifying video that has gone viral online, skier, Francis Zuber, finds and saves a snowboarder, Ian Steger, after the snow collapsed behind him during a run, as mentioned here.

Skier Digs Out Snowboarder

Check out a clip shared by CTV News TikTok showcasing the viral video, below.


This is the moment a skier found a snowboarder who was stuck in a tree well of Mount Baker, in Washington, on March 3. Video shows skier Francis Zuber digging out a man who was buried head-first under the snow using a shovel.#ctvnews#treewell#rescue

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Skier Saves Snowboarder

A skier has saved a snowboarder’s life after GoPro video footage captured their encounter on camera. Steger, the snowboarder, was trapped underneath a pile of snow after the snow collapsed behind him during a run. Skier, Zuber, seemingly saved Steger’s life after locating him during a run of his own down the mountain.

The footage was captured on Mt. Baker, located near the U.S.-Canadian border.

This is the video posted by Zuber to his YouTube channel.


Snowboarder Saved By Skier

As mentioned here, Zuber reportedly told FOX 13 that a “flash of color” caught his attention while skiing down the mountain. It was then that he realized someone was trapped. The person that was ultimately trapped was Steger, who had been snowboarding through the trees when the snow suddenly collapsed behind him, and “knocked him deep into the snow- head-first.”

Steger reportedly said that he “was able to clear a small airway and pull his jacket over his face, so he could breathe and not inhale snow.” Once approached by Zuber, the skier tried clearing enough snow for Steger to be able to breathe.

Steger survived the incident.

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