Video shows the terrifying moment a South Korea plane door was opened mid-flight.

A shocking video shows the plane door of a flight being opened while in the air. As mentioned here, a passenger opened the door of the plane mid-flight causing panic among passengers. The video shows a chaotic scene of air traveling through the cabin from the plane door being open, causing people’s hair to be whipped around.

South Korea Plane Door Open

Check out the footage captured here, posted by The Independent on YouTube.

Plane Door Opens Mid Flight

Passengers were reportedly screaming and crying during the terrifying ordeal. Allegedly, the passenger opened the aircraft’s emergency door during the flight as noted here. Other passengers attempted to stop this passenger but it was too late as the passenger opened the door during the plane’s descent, causing air to fill the cabin of the Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 aircraft.  The plane was reportedly traveling to Daegu Airport and the passenger who opened the plane door was arrested by police upon landing and arrival.

Published by HOLR Magazine.