GOOP cannot let you down when Gwyneth is in charge. GOOP has formulated the ultimate skincare package that tones, hydrates, smooths and nourishes your skin and protects it from the damages that can be caused by your environment and lifestyle. 


GOOP has taken a look at skincare with a totally different approach. GOOP has found out that epigenetics- the science of how genes are affected environmentally, has a direct effect on your skin. 

Getting older is one main reason to protect the health of your skin, but the environment is another. With many factors that affect your skin, the main thing we think about when it comes to skin health is stress reduction- emotional or physical, exercise, supplements, and healthy eating. The last step is using the right products. 

GOOP has created a GOOPGENES skincare kit, formulated to clinically improve five main signs of skin health: smooth, firm, nourish, tone, and glow. GOOP is known to have some of the best-formulated products all trusted by founder Gweneth Paltrow herself. 

GOOPGENES has 3 main products, all-in-one face cream, all-in-one eye cream and all-in-one face oil, and all starting at $110 for the 3 piece kit!


The face cream gives you 48 hours of moisturization, with its whipped texture it is invisible in seconds. It is formulated with a megadose of plant-based ceramides and seven highly effective botanicals including Schisandra, illipe butter and caviar lime, all of which promote radiance, increase elasticity and smooths and softens skin. 

The eye cream is formulated for 72 hours of hydration, will smooth crow’s feet and fine lines, and reduce puffiness and dark circles. The fragrance-free product is formulated with ceramides to promote hydration, Schisandra fruits to increase elasticity and arjuna which reduces the look of dark circles

The last but certainly not least piece to the skincare puzzle is the face oil. The face oil was formulated to reduce fine lines, increase elasticity, promote hydration and provide skin with radiance. 100% of women have said that after the first use they’re skin felt and looked more moisturized and radiant. The face oil is formulated with Bakuchiol an alternative to retinol that reduces fine lines; Amla an organic superfood that is enriched in vitamin C for that glowing look; Cacay oil rich in antioxidants and vitamin A; Schisandra fruit for firmness and Squalane which is a sugar derived and restores skin’s suppleness. 

GOOPGENES is formulated to work together to bring your skin back to its best health. With the work of healthy eating, less stress, and working out your skin will look more hydrated, have fewer fine lines, and glow.


Published By HOLR Magazine