SZA canceled her show in Toronto yesterday. What happened? HOLR has the latest.

SZA took to social media to let Toronto know that she wouldn’t be performing on October 4. Check out the clip of her news below, posted by user @miaampostaaa.


The update y’all ? #SZA #szatoronto2023 #scotiabankarena

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SZA Concert Toronto

In the video, SZA explains that she’s at the arena and she just tried to do a sound check but sounded “terrible.” She claims that she only wants to give her fans 100%. She also promises to come back to Toronto to make it up to them. She apologizes to the camera stating that she “loves” Toronto and that she’ll be back but that she’s “really sorry.”

The star didn’t really elaborate on the issue but was in full hair and makeup during the video. The announcement of the canceled concert also came at a late notice for guests who were already on their way or arriving at the venue, which was Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena.

SZA Toronto

Fans took to social media to express their sadness and frustration over the concert getting canceled at the last minute. Check out the below video posted by user @nickpalmai1 of his experience walking to the venue as the show is canceled.


FIRST THE WEEKND AND NOW SZA?? We literally live 18hrs away?#sza #szatoronto #szacancelled #szasostour #sostour #szasos #snoozesza #lowsza

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