With a roster of beautiful Hollywood starlets, singers and fashion icons, makeup artist Hung Vanngo creates some of the most captivating looks for the entertainment industry’s elite. From sultry, sexy smoky eyes, to colorful creations, to beautiful sun kissed glows, Hung Vanngo’s ability to elevate a look is incredible.

Hung’s life wasn’t always playing with colors and creating striking, glamorous looks for celebrities. He was born in Vietnam to a mother who dreamed of a better life for her children. Worried about the instability in Vietnam, she spent her savings to provide him and two of his siblings the opportunity to go to America. However, along their way the boat capsized.

He lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for three years before a hotel maid from Calgary fulfilled his mother’s dreams by bringing him and his siblings to Canada.“She brought us to North America to live with her, and she helped us get jobs and schooling,” he told Out magazine. “Hers is the story of how ordinary people quietly make life better for others.”

As an immigrant, refugee, Canadian, and NYC resident, Hung is not only an incredibly talented makeup artist, but a hardworking, humble individual with a devotion to his craft, a passion for creating, an admiration for his family, and a kind, caring soul.

Hung grew up in Canada sketching and painting. After high school, he worked in a salon as a hairstylist. “The turning point was when I worked in my first salon and there was a makeup station,” Hung tells me. “I just started playing with the makeup and experimenting. That’s how it all began and honestly how I fell in love with it.”

After years of practicing his craft and gaining experience in Canada, he made the move to NYC, where his artistry was already capturing the attention of many fashion designers and photographers. Now, Hung is one of the most recognized fashion and celebrity makeup artists.

Images Courtesy of Hung Vanngo (Instagram: @HungVanngo)

Having created some of the most iconic looks for shoots, runways, and red carpets, his clientele includes the likes of Selena Gomez, Julianne Moore, Emily Ratajkowski, and so many more.

When I ask what he loves about his job, he says,

“Right now, I think what I love the most is that the clients feel comfortable in my chair. I think that was the most important thing for me to create — that trust. When you touch on someone’s face, you’re really close to them and they’re entrusting you with their look, their face. I feel like I’m in the business of building close, intimate relationships with my clients so that they are able to put their faith in me to help them look and feel amazing. “

Image Courtesy of Hung Vanngo (Instagram: @HungVanngo)

On August 10th and 11th, 2019, Hung will be attending LA Beautycon at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which, since December 2018, has been undergoing a $1.25-billion project to transform, expand, and redefine the Los Angeles meetings and conventions experience. The redefining convention, seeks to lead the movement of a world without beauty standards, a world where everyone can express themselves without judgment. Their mission: to redefine beauty by creating a community and celebrating self-expression. For more information on the festival and other Los Angeles events, visit the Los Angeles Tourism Board.

For the full interview with Hung Vanngo (and his tips on creating his signature smoky eye), check out HOLR Magazine’s next print issue.


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