Did Matty Healy and Taylor Swift break up?

Matty Healy kissing a guard.

Photo Credit: Twitter

During a The 1975 concert in Denmark this week, Matty Healy kissed a male safeguard in front of the crowd, PageSix notes. The kiss surprised the fans, as Matty Healy recently confessed he stopped kissing fans at concerts out of respect for Taylor Swift.

“I’m not kissing anybody in front of Taylor Swift, have some respect,” he said, according to this source. “In front of the queen, it’s not happening.” Matty added.

A fan captured the moment Matty kissed the guard in a short clip later posted on Twitter.

Some people did not enjoy the moment and made rather harsh comments on Twitter. “I won’t listen to Taylor Swift’s music anymore until she breaks up with him”, a person Tweeted.

Who is Taylor Swift dating now 2023?

Photo Credit: MEGA

At the beginning of May 2023, The Sun confirmed that Taylor Swift and Matty Healy are dating. Before their relationship was confirmed, people talked about an alleged romance, as Matty Healy had been seen at numerous Taylor’s concerts in the past months.

“She and Matty are madly in love. It’s super-early days, but it feels right. They first dated, very briefly, almost ten years ago but timings just didn’t work out. Taylor and Joe actually split up back in February, so there was absolutely no crossover.” an insider told the outlet. “They are both massively proud and excited about this relationship and, unlike Taylor’s last one — which was very much kept out of the spotlight, deliberately — she wants to ‘own’ this romance, and not hide it away. the source added.

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