Matty Healy and Gabbriette Bechtel Announce Engagement After Less Than One Year Of Dating.

June 12, 2024- The lead singer of The 1975, Matty Healy, is making headlines with news of his engagement to model Gabbriette Bechtel. The couple’s romance has been buzzing since September, shortly after Healy’s split from Taylor Swift.

Matty Healy Engaged?

Gabbriette Bechtel recently shared a photo on Instagram flaunting a stunning black diamond ring on her wedding finger, taken at a Charli XCX concert, where she humorously tagged Matty Healy’s account, expressing excitement about “MARRYING THE 1975.”

Matty Healy and Gabbriette Bechtel Matty Healy and Gabbriette Bechtel

Reports indicate that Healy purchased the engagement ring for $10,800 during a vintage liquidation sale. Healy’s mother, actress Denise Welch, confirmed the engagement on a UK chat show, expressing her joy about Bechtel becoming her daughter-in-law.

How long have they been together?

The timeline of Healy and Bechtel’s relationship is somewhat mysterious, with rumors circulating that they may have had a previous relationship in 2014 before reconnecting in 2023, with the first rumour tracing back to September.

Meanwhile, Healy’s past with Taylor Swift has also garnered attention, especially with speculation about Swift’s songs on her recent album possibly referencing their romance. Despite the speculations, Healy and Bechtel’s engagement marks a new chapter in their relationship, capturing the excitement and anticipation from their fans for their future together.

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