Terry Moore opened up about her relationship with billionaire Howard Hughes.

In a recent interview for People, Terry Moore talked about her eight-year relationship with the billionaire, aviator, and film producer, Howard Hughes. According to the article, the actress and Hughes met in Hollywood when she was a young actress.

Terry Moore next to Howard Hughes poster


“It was very complicated. It was the first time I was ever in love. [But] I would have been just as happy if it hadn’t had happened.” she told People. “My agent brought him [Hughes] over. We thought it was accidental but nothing was accidental with Howard. It was all set up.” the actress continued, as she addressed their relationship.

“It developed into a friendship and then into a great love. You can’t be more eccentric than he was. Everything was bigger with him. He taught me to fly and we spent a lot of time in airplanes. And he would take me to meet his pilot friends. He was dashing, exciting, adventurous.” Moore added.

However, their relationship wasn’t always happy, as the actress remembers. “He was also a liar. And he did unthinkable things. He did so many things that hurt me. Was he cruel? I guess you could say he was cruel but I didn’t know that he was cruel. He was just too much for me to handle. I was too naive.” she recalled.

As for their marriage, Terry said they had married on a boat and is not sure whether their ceremony was a genuine one. “I don’t know if it was. We got married on a boat by his captain who could marry anyone, but who knows?” the actress added.

Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes

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Hughes was an American aviator and billionaire. According to this source, “in 1938 he flew around the world in a record 91 hours.” As the actress mentioned during the interview for People, Howard Hughes died in 1976 due to kidney failure.

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