In the age of the influencer, it’s not uncommon to see people working to be seen. Standing out in an oversaturated market is a feat of its own, and Blaise Ffrench has certainly made a name for himself. Learn how this actor, model, and NBA Agent is doing it all.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you made the transition from working for one of the top sports drink companies to starting your own venture.

My name is Blaise Ffrench, and I’m from Queens, New York. I played college basketball and always dreamed of playing in the NBA until I came to the conclusion that I’d rather own an NBA Team. Working with BODYARMOR Sports Drink has been a blessing. It has taught me so much about how to grow a successful company, that it actually allowed me to start my own company off the blueprint.

You wear a lot of different hats…Actor, Model, NBA Agent…how do you find balance?

I never sleep. I’m constantly on the move, maneuvering as fast as I can. I’m also good at time management. I have no time to waste. So, if it doesn’t pertain to business or family, I have no time for it.

There is a huge trend right now of influencers leveraging their platform to stand out in the market. How do you stay distinct from everyone else?

I believe that being yourself and being different is a superpower. I don’t try and be like anyone else. I do take tips and advice; however, I believe in my unique story and wouldn’t change a thing.

What advice would you give to individuals who are just getting started in their own business?

Have a plan. Have goals. Be willing to go through the toughest times of your life because no matter what industry you’re in, you will have obstacles that you need to hurdle over. Have a passion, don’t chase money. Also, remember that people are the most important part of a business.

Your schedule must be crazy with everything you do. How do you find time for yourself? 

I really enjoy what I do, so running from different jobs is having time for myself. This is my dream, so I enjoy every moment. 

Where do you see yourself going from here?

I see myself blowing up and taking that big leap into stardom. For so long I was nervous or scared to become too big, however now I’m ready. Our biggest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Who would be your dream client to work with?

My dream client would be Jay Z. I admire his transition and versatility from a rapper, to owning an NBA team, to having a sports agency.