Clayton Echard, former The Bachelor star, is allegedly the father of twins following a claim from an ex.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @mariahkat, a woman is claiming that Egard is the father of her unborn twins.


This is absoultely insane. No hate to anyone involved but we will see what happens in court. #claytonechard #bachelornationnews #thebachelor #bachelornationdrama #bachelorscandal #claytonthebachelor #bachelornews #greenscreen

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It is being reported that Clayton’s ex-fling is claiming he is the father of her unborn twins. She is also allegedly demanding that he take a paternity test. Although she wishes to remain anonymous, the woman in question is 33 from Scottsdale, Arizona. She is also supposedly a podcast host. The woman allegedly filed a paternity lawsuit that claims she “engaged in sexual activity” with Echard.

The woman claims Echard did not believe she was pregnant even though it is believed that she took two pregnancy tests to confirm and went to Urgent Care to confirm that the pregnancy was in fact real. The TikToker outlines some of the alleged messages Echard supposedly sent her once she claimed she was pregnant. She also alleges that Echard went through “periods of silence” and supposedly “blocked” her.

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