As summer is coming to an end, we have a few weeks left to take advantage of the weather and activities that come with it. Some are easier, whereas others are tad difficult. But the most important thing is that, regardless of difficulty, you do something that you truly enjoy.

That being said, it’s not just about enjoying yourself. It’s also about staying in shape during summer by partaking in a summer activity. There are several different summer activities to keep you in shape — here are just a few of them to try out before the end of summer:

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Biking isn’t just an environmentally better transportation method; it’s a great form of exercise. Whether you’re zipping through bike trails or explore your city, there are endless possibilities as to what you can do. But always ensure that you’re biking safety during summer to avoid any injuries. An injury or illness during a biking expedition will certainly ruin your day. Depending on how difficult the biking terrain is, it’s probably best to bike with a friend so that they can help you should something bad happen.

Beach Volleyball

If you do manage to make it out to a beach this summer, playing a game of beach volleyball with friends or family is a fun summer activity to try. Can’t make it to the beach? That’s okay! Search for a local beach volleyball league instead. Perhaps it’ll be closer to your place than you think. Either way, beach volleyball is one sport you don’t want to miss out on!

Running on the Beach

Again, this one is great if you’re able to make it to the beach. Running on the beach is more beneficial than running on the sidewalk or grass. With your feet constantly sinking in the sand with every step you take, it gives you more of a challenge than regular running does. Just remember to go prepared to prevent any injury or illness (e.g. heat stroke) from coming your way. After all, you certainly don’t want something like that to ruin what should be a good time.


Swimming & other Water Sports

Looking for a great summer activity that’s more likely to keep you cool? Swimming— or any other water sport such as surfing, tubing, or waterskiing, just to name a few— are your best bet. Depending on how cool the water is, swimming in your pool, at the beach, in a lake, or in an ocean will help you feel refreshed while also allowing you to partake in a summer activity. Just like with the previous summer activities, please be sure that you take all necessary precautions beforehand. This is especially due with water sports, as they tend to have a heightened risk level. Still, you’ll certainly have a blast!


Enjoying summer doesn’t mean not being able to stay healthy. There are many summer activities to partake in that will keep you in shape. You just have to be willing to give them a try to a certain degree to ensure that it’s right for you. Regardless, you’re certain to have a fantastic summer, no matter what!


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