Following up our article about the best and worst uniforms from the Summer Olympic Games taking place in Tokyo, Japan. It’s time to compare the masks and the uniforms. Some of the masks match the uniforms and some don’t. Some masks show off right away what team it’s from, some leave you guessing. This article will be broken down into 6 parts, best mask, best uniform with mask, best uniform, worst mask, worst uniform and mask, worst mask.

At the Tokyo Summer Games – the first and hopefully the only under a pandemic – masks are mandatory when it comes to entering and exiting any sporting event, they are also to wear masks when receiving their medals, but they are allowed to remove their masks for 30 seconds for their photos on the podium.


Best mask

Team Australia 9/10. Australia did something smart with their mask. Their athletics’ are issued two masks. One is the one we see, in bright yellow with green, then they have a mask that is worn underneath. Their mask is quite noticeable. It’s the only team that has a yellow colour mask, so they stand out in a crowd. The mask also seems to be perfect for those team members who wear glasses, not once has this reporter seen any athletic who wears glasses end up having foggy glasses which is the dream for anyone who wears glasses and masks.

Team Germany 8/10. Team Germany had a great idea for their mask. They used their mask to represent their country by making it look like their flag. It’s eye-catching and it represents Germany perfectly.


Team Denmark 7.5/10. Denmark seemed to copy Germany, but it works for them as well. Their colours are red and white, just like many other countries that are competing, but unlike Canada and Japan, Denmark decided to show off their flag as well.

Best uniform with mask

Team Canada 8/10. Okay, so this one isn’t a uniform based on a sport, this is what they seem to wear when they get their medals. The mask is grey and has the Team Canada logo on the side. The rest of the uniform is a jacket that is red and white, with red sleeves and a white maple leaf, the white is on the front and the back.

Best uniform

Team Canada and Team USA – Swimming. 10/10 (Canada) 9.9/10 (USA). Team USA on the left and Team Canada on the right, are made basically the same, the objective is to be good enough that the women in the swimsuit can still swim yet be able to tell the difference between the team. The USA swimsuit is like the gymnastics uniform, showing off what America is in the eyes of the world, Canada’s swimsuit on the other hand is simpler much like the Canadian flag. It’s red and white. The swimmers have a white swim cap for team Canada that has a maple leaf and the swimmers name, the USA swim cap is just black.


Team Canada Speed Climbing 9/10. Speed climbing is a new sport at the 2020 games. Team Canada and other teams have the same design for the uniform, but it’s how each country decorates is that makes it different. Canada kept it simple, and simple is the best. The top is white with red on the back. It also contains the Canadian flag on the back and says CAN. Not the name of the competitor but of the country they represent. On the front it has the team Canada logo on the right side. The pants are black, so your eyes focus on the top more than anything else.