Everyone loves a tropical paradise, but not all paradises were created equal. There are several key factors that put some paradises above others and those are food, nightlight, accessibility, and relaxation. Here’s why Barbados serves as the perfect tropical paradise! Not to mention the birthplace of Rihanna.

Barbados has amazing beaches, but amazing is rather typical of paradise. What Barbados boasts above other Caribbean islands is their gorgeous caves in addition to your standard paradise on top of the wonderful hiking opportunities. With every part of the island being an hour’s reach, Barbados is an outdoor playground where any outdoor activity can generally be accessible to you somewhere on the island.

This paradise doesn’t end with natural beauty, featuring many picturesque churches and fabulous festivals. Having festivals year-round with many vibrant colourful events filled with vigour and fun the island is truly a party wonderland. With nightlife being some of the most enjoyable in the Caribbean, Barbados is known to have a rum bar for every church there is.

Barbados also offers a more relaxed experience for those wishing to enjoy the island paradise. With island time encouraging a relaxed lifestyle on the island, and healthy activities, Barbados has the third-highest concentration of centurions (people who live past 100) so clearly, the lifestyle supports a happy and healthy mentality and physical fitness. With English as the official language (with a little Bajan spin) any and all activities on the island are available to you.

Barbados was a colony under the British for over 300 years, which brought in a large variety of cultures. Modern-day Barbados has some of the most unique and arguably best food in all of the Caribbean. Having a mix of African, Portuguese, Indian, Irish, Creole, and British influences, the cuisine alone provides ample reason to prolong your stay in this paradise.

What truly makes an experience worth the adventure is not the food, the nightlife, the relaxation, but the people who join us on those journeys. For those who are also taken you can enjoy the hospitality of some of the nicest people on earth, with such a relaxed lifestyle everyone is very welcoming and friendly. However those single can get the added luxury of experiencing the sex life in Barbados, known to be wild and fun. Taking everything into account Barbados is a paradise in every respect, and an amazing location to visit and live.

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