The Jonas Brothers tour begins August 12, at the Yankee Stadium.

Just 16 more days until the new Jonas Brothers tour kicks off at the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, on the 12th. This will be the brothers’ first tour in two years. While celebrating their latest album, the 2023 tour will reportedly feature five albums, in one night, according to jonasbrothers.com. Tickets are still available right now on ticketmaster.com

Where are the Jonas Brothers performing in 2023?

jonas brothers 2023 tour

Image Credit: Jonas Brothers.com

As mentioned, the 2023 tour will start in the Bronx, NY on the 12th of August, and the most recent update on jonasbrothers.com puts their final concert at the Amway Center in Orlando Fl. on October 16. St Louis has listed the Jonas Brothers as a must-see event this August among other notable stars like Beyonce and Lil Baby.

The Jonas Brothers’ Twitter account is active regarding the upcoming tour and continues to build momentum with the fans who are pumped and ready to go. Jonas Brothers have officially announced they are coming to Australia in 2024 and tickets will go on sale Aug 4. Don’t miss out! you can be sure that fans down under are keeping watch and anticipating confirmation of sale.

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Kevin Jonas Wife Danielle New Book

Between tours, Kevin Jonas alongside his wife, has released their second children’s book titled ‘There’s a Beach in My Bedroom’ which has become a bestseller! peaking at number 1 on Amazon after just one week while also hosting ‘Claim to Fame’ alongside younger brother Frankie Jonas. It goes without saying that the oldest Jonas brother has a lot to be proud of.

Kevin, Nick, and Joe are also among the nominees for the upcoming 2023 Streamy Awards alongside other notable acts. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Nick Jonas has previously expressed his desire to create a musical, and with his talent, we can only see him succeeding.

Keep up to date with the Jonas Brothers via their shared Twitter account @jonasbrothers and for more on their August tour.

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