Where are the Streamy Awards in 2023?

The upcoming 13th Annual Streamy Awards is set to be held in Los Angeles CA on August 27 at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET and will stream live online.

This event, founded in 2009 by Drew Baldwin and Joshua Cohen of Tubefilter honors the best and most brilliant of a variety of online content across a number of areas of expertise, noted here. Also, this year the Streamys welcome MatPat, creator of Game Theorists and 7-time winner of the award as the host for the 2023 Streamy Awards. “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Streamy Awards as a way to showcase and elevate the incredible talent in the digital video space”, he said in as noted here.

Announcement of the 2023 Streamy nominees

The nominees for this year’s 2023 Streamy Awards have been released on the 24th of this month and it is a star-studded list of talent. Among the nominees are Charli D’Amelio, Logan Paul, and Mr Beast for Creator of the Year. Also, there is Ironmouse and Ludwig for Streamer of the Year. Other nominees include Hailey Rhode Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, and Paris Hilton for their Crossover work.

Also, this year Streamy Award producers have announced a new category in collaboration with Rolling Stone, the Sound of the Year award which will be aimed at the most impactful songs that are dominating the content scene.

Who decides the nominees and winners?

The nominees and winners of the Streamy Awards are selected by the creators, executives of the Streamy Blue-Ribbon Panel as well as other experts in the online industry. The Blue-Ribbon Panel is a carefully selected body that is reportedly a global invitation-only selection of experts and journalists with years of experience in the online content industry.


12th Annual Streamy Awards

Who won awards at the Streamys?

According to various outlets from Variety magazine to Billboard and even the Hollywood Reporter, MrBeast leads the votes by 5 nominations, but let’s take a look at some of the past winners.

Kai Cenat, Streamer of the Year, IShowSpeed, breakout streamer, Tarik, competitive gamer, Ludwig, and variety streamer is just some of the winners over the years. Most of the talent on this list has been nominated again this year, can they pull off a win this year too?

The array of talent lined up for this year’s Streamy Awards should make this the best year ever so don’t forget to tune in to the Streamy Awards Social channels and support this incredible lineup of talent!

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