If you are a fan of contemporary art then you’ve probably heard of Marko Stout. And if you live in New York there’s a chance you’ve seen his work. Marko Stout is a highly talented New York based visual artist. The artist has charmed lovers of art with his creative skills in his paintings, photography, videos, sculpture, and films.

Thanks to his immense talent and hard work, Stout has managed to create a loyal following. His extensive following of celebrity fans and collectors applaud his talent and talk highly of his work. Charlie Sheen, for instance, calls Stout, ‘A freaking Genius! His Art is Fantastic!’’

The Kardashians also approve of Marko Stout’s work. Caitlyn Jenner during a “New York for Fashion Week” expressed her admiration for the star artist saying, “I’m Very Excited for Marko Stout’s Solo Exhibition!”  Other celebrity fans who love and talk highly of Stout’s work include the likes of Debra Messing, Melissa Etheridge, and Kevin O’Leary, among others.

What Category Does Marko Stout’s Work Fall Under?  And why are so many people head over heels for his work? Well, unlike other artists you know, Stout doesn’t follow rules. He lets his creativity take him wherever it deems. And that’s why it is hard to categorize his style.

Marko Stout when asked to describe his work, admitted it is hard to categorize his art, and just referred to it as a center of vibrant colors. His series “Erotic Allure,” is a testimony of that. Through this series, Stout has established an urban fashion style by blending various architectural designs. The art consists of several color spectrums such as reds, blues, and pinks that give them a great visual appeal.

Some fans refer to Stout’s style as industrial pop while others call it minimalistic. Whatever name you give it, one thing is evident; Stout’s fanatics appreciate his work. The love for his work is seen when he sold one of his female sculptures at a record-breaking price that led to extensive media coverage.

Marko Stout isn’t your ordinary visual artist. He is legendary, going by his comparison to the famous Andy Warhol. Huffington in one of their articles, “Is Marko Stout the Next Andy Warhol” dubbed him the next Andy Warhol. By comparing Marko to the legend of pop art, it means Stout is doing an incredible job.

Besides his talent in arts, Stout’s unique sense of fashion and killer looks have been his other charm. The star is known for coming out in black outfits complemented by unique avant-garde fedora hats and vintage sunglasses. This style makes him stand out and it has been his identity for some time now.

Marko Stout Brand Goes Global:

In the past few years, Marko Stout has seen positive growth in his career. What was once ‘New York’s secret’ is now a brand that’s appreciated globally. The artist has taken part in various global projects including producing the LIPS Film Festival as well as being acclaimed in other cities including Amsterdam and Paris.

During this time, the brand has been popular for being an expert in interior design, visual creations, and fashion branding. To Stout’s brand, the sky is their only limit and we are excited to see what they are going to achieve in the next few months.