The Simpsons’ reveals Homer has stopped strangling Bart

Homer Simpson stopped strangling Bart Simpson in The Simpsons and now makes headlines among its fans. In Season 22, episode 17, titled “Love is a Many Strangled Thing,” Homer stops strangling Bart after he attends a fathering enrichment class. Moreover, some episodes of The Simpsons were inappropriate and aggressive, especially for children. Indeed, the show has been cautioned against allowing children under 14 to watch.

Main characters: Homer and Bart- story behind

Homer Jay Simpson is the protagonist of The Simpsons. Born on May 12, 1956, he is quite old with a 240 pounds-heavy weight. Furthermore, the show depict him as a lazy, clumsy, unintelligent character with a low IQ of 55.


Homer Simpson

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Furthermore, he is widely-known alcoholic character. In season 4 episode 16, “Duffless”, he tries to remain drinking alchole free for 30 days, which ultimately he managed to accomplish. From this episode, the show tries to teach the scariness of addiction and the experience of overcoming it through using the characters.
Bartholomew Jojo “Bart” Simpson is the eldest child and only son of the Simpson. Moreover, he married to his wife, Jenda Simpson. Despite he has mischievous, ebellious, misunderstood, disruptive and potentially dangerous character, he has a high an IQ of 216.
Bart Simpson

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Although he has a high IQ, it is also notable that Bart is said to have ADHD. However, showing his disorder through episodes would help people take it into consideration since ADHD is still not enough to familiar.

‘The Simpsons’: the longest-running sitcom-no other sitcom is close

The Simpsons, an American animated sitcom, aired its first episode in 1989 and long-runed for 35 seasons now in total. Still, the show has not ended yet, rather, in January 2023, it was announced that The Simpsons had been renewed for Seasons 35 and 36. Moreover, it set out for its season 35 in October 2023. In addition, the record-breaking sitcom is expected to release season 36 in Fall 2024. The Simpsons is available to watch from the beginning on Disney+.

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