Adopting a pet is a more involved process than one would maybe realize. You need to prepare yourself and your home for the arrival of your fluffy new friend.

Picking out a pet can be difficult and sometimes it is hard to know what kind of pet you are looking for. Pet Finder has compiled a list of questions to ask yourself when you are adopting a pet.

Creating a space for your pet at home before they arrive is a great start. Transferring from a shelter or store into a new home can be anxiety-inducing for many pets. By creating a little area that is their own you are giving them a safe space to retreat to when they are scared or need some alone time. When you bring them home from the shelter or store ask if there is a specific toy or blanket that was theirs. If they had one, add this to their area. It will create a sense safety of comfort for them.

Make sure before bringing the new pet home you have already stocked up on the essentials. You will need a collar, leash, and bowls for food and water. Ensuring you have a good quality collar is important. If you have a collar that easily comes undone can cause the animal to get away on a walk and that can be a very traumatic experience for both the animal and you. Make sure you get a leash with contact information for the owner of the pet as well.  A proper leash is imperative as well to aid in the training you and your pet will be going through together. Having their own water and food bowl are also important. They will know they are theirs and will be more likely to properly eat and hydrate, especially if you place them in their personalized area of the home.

A few items that are necessary, but you do not need for the first day at home are fur brushes and nail clippers. Proper grooming of a pet is important for ensuring their good health for your new pet. Brushing their fur frequently will also reduce the amount of animal hair that is shed off and scattered all-around your house.

Make sure you stock up on all-purpose cleaners, especially if you are adopting a puppy or kitten. You will have a lot of clean-up to be doing between training and playtime!

Published by HOLR Magazine.