For the most part, the modern gentleman prefers a uncluttered lifestyle that puts a precedence on
organization and tidiness. Here’s how to reduce the amount of unnecessary things in your wallet. 

  Many paths can be taken to achieve this equilibrium: ridding an apartment of unneeded knick-knacks, purging a closet filled with unworn threads, or neatly arranging computer files into readily-accessible folders.

One of the most effective ways a man can get rid of any clutter begins with an item used everyday, the wallet. Let’s face it, carrying a billfold filled to the brim with an excessive amount of cards and old crumpled receipts is an outdated social practice. Gone are the days when hoarding a month’s worth of purchase history was a necessity. Advancements in technology and wallet design have definitely revolutionized how men use and organize this commonplace accessory.

The first step is reducing the amount of excess plastic and paper that occupies the limited space within a wallet. Smartphone developers have created a wide variety of apps and mobile wallet functions that can basically digitize a variety of essential cards. Think of Apple Pay!  Instead of carrying your debit card around, you can just have it on your phone! Credit cards, rewards programs, and even boarding passes can all be accessed now with a touch of a finger. Furthermore, online banking efficiently keeps track of one’s spending, rendering the need for receipts nowadays.

Keeping this in mind, try switching to a discrete cardholder to house only the most essential. Think minimal. Photo ID, a debit/credit card, and a metro pass are all a man really needs to leave the house (don’t forget your keys!) Bellroy has cultivated a diverse clientele who seek slimmed down accessories for everyday use. Their Micro Sleeve will stylishly reduce the bulk, and safely contain all the fundamentals. For added versatility, try the Valextra money clip, which can be used to enclose a selection of notes as well. The fact that it is fabricated with supple Italian calfskin is an added bonus for those seeking a more luxurious feel.


Bellroy Microsleeve Slim Leather Card Holder, $79.00

If a little extra bulk is not of concern, a thinner, compartmentalized wallet is the way to go. Balenciaga’s 3 bi-fold option, which retains the house’s contemporary fashion styling, gives the illusion of space without sacrificing a sleek profile. A front fold-over pocket reveals a hidden change compartment (which can also house a subway pass for quick access), six credit card slots, and a single note pocket.

3 Bi-Fold Wallet, Balenciaga, $515.00


For a more affordable option, Distil Union’s Wally Euro comes equipped with patented FlexLock technology for security, a retractable pull-tab for cards, and a hidden coin pouch.

Eliminating unwanted bulk does a lot for one’s presentation. Nothing disrupts a streamlined outfit more than seeing a brick-like object coming out of a back pocket. The modern gentleman should never have to sacrifice a dapper ensemble, and with these tips, you don’t have to! 


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