Feeling great and looking fantastic on a day-to-day basis is a lot easier than you might think. With the right clothes and accessories, you can create an amazing overall look that will make people stop to take notice. The following fashion tips from experts in the industry will help you discover some amazing ideas on how to dress and feel fantastic.

Colour Combinations To Improve Your Style

There are many factors that can affect your style, such as colour combinations. There are many colour combinations available to you, and some of them will do wonders for your wardrobe!


For example, if you want to create a professional look that still looks trendy, try wearing black or blue with earth tones like browns and tans. This is a great colour combination because it helps bring out the natural beauty in people who wear it. If you want to go the other way and create something bolder, consider adding reds or oranges along with greys and blacks. The contrast between these colours will help make any outfit more memorable – without being too attention-grabbing or distracting.


According to fashion experts from around the world, the most important thing about dressing well is knowing how to combine different colours in your wardrobe. 

Don’t Forget Your Feet

Footwear is just as important as your dress or shirt because it can boost your look. For example, for women, if you’re on the petite side, don’t try to wear high heels since they can make you look shorter. For maximum comfort, anything lower than two inches works best because it supports your foot. 


For men, you should definitely invest in good men’s sneakers, sandals, boots and men’s flip flops. If you’re looking for new men’s footwear make sure that whatever shoe style you like complements your outfit.

Consider size also. As advice at https://marcnolan.com/ say, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style; having both is possible! You want to make sure that your men’s dress shoes are the correct size otherwise they’re going to be horribly uncomfortable for you and no matter how nice they look or what style they are, if you can’t wear them out of the house then they’re not doing much good in your wardrobe. Look at the width, too. If you have a really wide foot, it’s going to be hard to find shoes that fit you well so don’t feel discouraged; some brands just aren’t meant for people with those kinds of feet.

Don’t Follow Trends

Don’t blindly follow trends. Trends are styles that come into popularity for a few months, as indicated by celebrities, runway models, and magazines. It is very difficult to tell which trends will become popular and which won’t; however, if you don’t wear the style often enough or with confidence, it is hard to pull off trendy clothes. Trends include anything from wearing leggings as pants in place of jeans to wearing boot-cut flared jeans with short boots. Trends are often started by celebrities, supermodels, or fashion designers.

The key to pulling off a trend is knowing how to accessorize it. For example, if you purchase a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans and wear them with an oversize t-shirt and ankle boots, you will look trendy instead of ridiculous. If you wear the same outfit but then add lots of accessories like a beaded necklace, earrings, etc., then people might think that your outfit is too busy. Always dress for who you are—don’t follow trends blindly.

Learn About The History of Fashion

If you know about the history of fashion, then it is easier to look for clothing that looks good on you. If you don’t, then it can be difficult to tell which clothing styles go together well and which don’t. A great way to start learning about the history of fashion is by reading a book from your local library or online bookstores. 

Fashion magazines are also helpful because they usually feature articles that discuss this topic in depth.

Know-How To Dress Appropriately For Special Events

A key part of dressing well is learning how to dress appropriately for special events. This includes both parties (like proms) and work functions (such as interviews). Before you attend either function, make sure that you look at pictures from previous years’ events to see what other people wore. 

Also, you can get advice from your parents/guardians about how to dress because they have probably attended many of the function’s types previously. If you want to look your best for the event, then visit a local salon or shopping mall and get your hair done before attending the function. It is also helpful to discuss with friends what they plan on wearing so that you can coordinate outfits together.

Have A Goal In Mind When You Shop For Clothes

The most effective way to shop for clothes is by going into stores when you know exactly what it is that you are looking for. This includes both an item and a specific size. Before hitting the mall, think about what you need to buy and try not to stray from your goal; research the store’s inventory online before going, so that you know exactly where everything is located. Get a list of stores in your area that carry the items that you need, along with their addresses and phone numbers. Be aware of sales before shopping for clothes—it never hurts to wait a few weeks until an item goes on sale! If you can’t find out when an item will be on sale ahead of time, then bring cash in case the salesperson offers a discount. If it isn’t marked down, don’t buy it.

When it comes to fashion, you should always remember that there are no hard and fast rules, but the guidelines in this blog post will help you improve your style and personalize it to suit your personality. If there’s a colour combination that doesn’t work with the rest of your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to go against the trends! You may find something new and refreshing – or just an old favourite. When picking out clothes for special events, make sure they are appropriate for the occasion so you’ll look like a pro when attending any formal event. And finally, always have a goal in mind before shopping so you can buy clothes that fit what you’re looking for (whether it’s comfort, fashion-forwardness or affordability).

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