Jeff Rustia, Founder and Executive Director of TOM*

A couple of weeks ago, charity-oriented Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, also known as TOM*, wrapped another successful season. The season featured some new and returning designers showcasing their collections and also featured a variety of well-known faces in their celebrity runway show.

On the last day of the S/S17 season, founder and executive director of TOM*, Jeff Rustia announced that a new Toronto Women’s Fashion Week will be launching in February 2017.

Both fashion weeks are to be run in two consecutive weeks/consecutively. The new Toronto Women’s Fashion Week is to have a similar itinerary and setup as TOM*. Along with the actual runway, there will be designer showrooms, media lounges, and lecture series.

Many industry professionals are excited for the return of the women’s showcase. Noting TOM*’s overall success, most are confident that the new Toronto Women’s Fashion Week will have a good foundation.

Hans Koechling, Producer and Artistic Director, The Image Is… says “the time has come to rebrand the women’s wear industry as not just a local event, but as TOM* has proven, an international runway to the world.”

Rustia’s vision includes providing the fashion designers with a global platform. If there’s one thing he wants us to look out for, it’s that “Toronto Women’s Fashion Week is finally being held at the right time, the right place, and delivering the right content to truly represent the current fashion landscape in Canada.”