True Outliers has made quite a splash for just a 2-year-old Canadian company. Their beautiful mink lined parkas are rated for -40 degrees, and their following is almost unbelievable. From celebs including; Jamie Foxx and Jenifer Garner, True Outliers has created quite the hype.

The founder Moses Mandelbaum explains, “True Outliers is much more than just a company that sells awesome parkas. We are an international tribe of individuals that all embody the unique traits of a “true outlier”. “ He isn’t joking. Their website receives an average of 100 applications a day of people attempting to purchase a coat and join the tribe.

That’s correct. In order to get your hands on a parka, you have to apply. They screen all buyers to ensure that “they belong in our tribe”. You will have to insert your social media handles and a couple of sentences about what makes you a true outlier, and then hope you get accepted. It’s a 72-hour wait until you hear back and find out if you are cool enough to purchase a coat.

To view and try your hand at purchasing a coat, head over to the True Outliers website.