This year, navigate the changing seasons with purpose by shopping new styles at ecologyst!

On average, a fast fashion item will be worn 8-10 times before it’s thrown or given away. However, there exist brands that advocate for manufacturing in respect to people, environment and animals. One such clothing brand is ecologyst, who make their apparel in North America and at their local factory in Victoria, BC.
With a core value of longevity, ecologyst is introducing the luxuriously soft Camel Overshirt, crafted out of sustainably harvested camel hair and Corozo buttons, and the adventure-worthy Anorak Jacket in a new cinnamon colour.
The Camel Overshirt
The Women’s Camel Overshirt is tailored to be slightly oversized in fit, ideal as a second layer for blustery days to block the cold, windy chill of the Pacific Northwest. Constructed here in Victoria, BC factory, it’s finished with buttoned cuffs, a long-fit straight hem, side slits for mobility, and a yoke at the shoulders.
The Anorak Jacket
First worn in the Arctic, Anoraks have an adventure-worthy history behind them. This one is made at the ecologyst factory in Victoria, B.C. and designed from one of their favorite weatherproof fabrics – organic cotton Ventile. It’s highly durable but 100% natural, highly breathable, and water repellent due to its dense, long fiber weave.
Like all ecologyst apparel, both pieces have a Lifetime Guarantee making it easier for people to buy fewer and buy better while navigating the shift in seasons. 1% of purchases goes toward the preservation and restoration of the planet earth, home to all.
“We’ve left behind the wasteful formula followed by most apparel brands and opted to make fewer products, in smaller collections, out of better materials. We take pride in crafting apparel that you can love for decades, instead of trends that are thrown out with the changing seasons.”
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Published by HOLR Magazine.