We often keep on top of our skincare in a variety of ways, but what is often neglected is the skin’s microbiome. You’ve probably heard of the microbiome of your gut, but maybe not of your skin. Vivier has created DERMA-V to help balance and protect this microbiome.

The skin is home to a wide range of bacteria which forms up to its microbiome, this is the first line of defense against infection, disease, and inflammation. Because of this, it is an essential part of taking care of your skin long-term. If not looked after, you risk your skin becoming weakened and greater risk of damage. 

There are five key ingredients that make DERMA-V beneficial. Prebiotics help to balance the microbiome and pH, Antioxidants help to protect the skin from damage and aging, Hydration Boosters boost hydration in your skin, Repairing Boosters help stimulate the creation of proteins to protect and stimulate your cell’s DNA, and Peptides help to activate cellular activity and limit glycation to keep skin strong and full of elasticity. 

This product is best used when incorporated into your nightly routine. By improving your skin’s microbiome, it can help the skin absorb products and well as being beneficial overall. DERMA-V should be applied after your serum and before your cream for the best results and will help dramatically increase the skin’s repair process.

It was found that in only 2 weeks, DERMA-V™ showed an increase in activation of three key skin proteins by 200%. It also showed a 36% increase of natural ceramide production, 89% increase of overall lipid content, and 18% water content. DERMA-V™ can help provide you achieve your healthiest, most radiant skin. 

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