What Happened To Semina Halliwell

The tragic death of Semina Halliwell, a 12-year-old schoolgirl from Southport, Merseyside, shocked the nation. Semina was allegedly raped by an older boy after being groomed over Snapchat. Her mother Rachel was informed of the horrific ordeal when Semina broke down following a self-harm incident. However, the family claimed that detectives discouraged Semina from pressing rape charges, informing her that her case would not go to court for 18 months to two years. The lead detective investigating her allegations is reported to have talked about the forms he would have to fill in and the length of time it would take. Semina’s family claims that she was made to feel like she was an inconvenience to Merseyside Police, and no charges were brought against the alleged offender. Semina Halliwell took her own life on June 12, 2021 following the rape and after being bullied at school.

The Halliwell family says Semina was forced to stay at home to avoid coming into contact with the alleged offender. Semina already had difficulty expressing herself to strangers and was subjected to vitriolic abuse and violent assaults after reporting the incident. The family believes that these offences were carried out by associates of the alleged suspect, and claim that Merseyside Police again failed to investigate fully the allegations. Two girls were prosecuted for assault, while Semina’s mother was convicted of an offence after her daughter named the alleged offender. Rachel received threats that she and her family would have their heads kicked in if they approached the police.

Semina Halliwell Video

Semina was later filmed while being assaulted at school, but the family again claimed that officers did nothing to investigate the assaults because “going around might make it kick off again.”

In an interview with the police three months after the initial allegations were raised, Semina said “I’ve had enough of this” and went upstairs. Her mother took that to mean that she was fed up with dealing with the officers and the lack of progress being made in investigating her allegations. But Semina went upstairs to take her own life by lethal overdose. Paramedics rushed to the scene after the family discovered empty medicine packets, and Semina was taken to hospital. She was placed in an induced coma but suffered multiple organ failure and four heart attacks before dying on June 12.

Semina’s mother Rachel said: “It was horrific to watch my daughter pass away. Everybody who is paid to safeguard her let her down. Not one of them told her she was worth their time.” Rachel blamed Merseyside Police for her daughter’s death, along with “the perpetrator, his family, and social services.” The family claims that Semina’s phone, which they consider a key part of the investigation, is still in possession of the police. They have asked that it be returned because it contains pictures of Semina not available elsewhere.

The Halliwell family’s tragic loss highlights the importance of ensuring that victims of sexual abuse receive the protection and justice they deserve. The police must take seriously any allegations of sexual abuse, no matter how long it takes to investigate them. Victims and their families must be reassured that they will be listened to and that their complaints will be taken seriously. The authorities must work together to provide support and protection for victims of sexual abuse and their families. It is only by working together that we can prevent tragedies like the one that has befallen the Halliwell family.

Published by HOLR Magazine.