Is cloud seeding causing the Dubai flooding and large amounts of rain?

Cloud Seeding Dubai

TikTok has been toying with rumors involving cloud seeding having something to do with the massive rain and flooding being seen in Dubai right now. As this TikToker, @butthatsmyopinion, explains in this video, Dubai is experiencing some of the worst flooding in years after allegations that the government is experimenting with cloud seeding to create artificial rain.


Is this cloud seeding gone wrong? #dubai #dubaiflood #cloudseeding

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What is cloud seeding?

According to this related article, cloud seeding can happen when special aircraft and/or ground-based generators implant particles to increase the amount of rainfall.

Cloud Seeding Dubai

Now- there is no concrete evidence to support claims that cloud seeding is to blame for Dubai’s recent weather.


As the TikToker goes on to explain, this rainfall has seemingly gotten out of hand as the flooding has gotten really intense, causing streets and homes to be impacted. Allegedly, Dubai has gotten more rain in the last 12 hours than it has comparably seen in an entire year. People are also being urged to stay home to avoid getting caught outside since the infrastructure has reportedly not been built to withstand this amount of rain.

In addition to this viral storm, there is another one reportedly coming. As the TikToker explains, there is no way to tell how much of this alleged rain is supposedly from cloud seeding or just nature, itself.

Dubai Floods 2024

As seen in footage captured online by people in Dubai, torrential rain has been tormenting the city. In this viral video posted by user @tonyz.777 with over 4 million views, you can see the storm clouds rolling in, noticing just how much of a difference it makes.


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Now, we don’t know for sure if cloud seeding had anything to do with this storm or flooding but people in the comment section of the above video have added their opinions and alleged insights on the unfolding weather.

Again- there is no concrete evidence to support claims cloud seeding is to blame, but the rumors are all over TikTok.

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