Holly Scarfone- who previously starred in Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, is now part of Perfect Match Season 2. What is Holly Scarfone’s job?

Holly Scarfone Perfect Match

June 17, 2024Holly Scarfone, a Netflix star, is making waves online as she shows off her lavish lifestyle to her audience. From airport hopping to luxury shopping, everyone is wondering what Scarfone does for a living to afford to affluent lifestyle.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @jessweslie, Scarfone is one of the most fascinating people online right now.


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Scarfone is regularly designer shopping and jet-setting off to different locations so what does she do for a living?

Her Instagram bio reads: Psychologist, inventor, philanthropist, journalist, chef, cover girl
most notably I vlog on TikTokhowever, people think that this is just sarcasm.


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Holly Scarfone Job

As a result, rumors have been running wild online that Scarfone was previously a “yacht girl” (high-class escort) which is how she affords to live a life of luxury. However, this is all alleged as it has not been confirmed.

As detailed in this Reddit thread discussing Scarfone’s alleged job, one user claimed: “Her bio is def written in a sarcastic tone!! Loll she used to be an escort and now leeches off a billionaire’s son in ldn”

Who Is Holly Scarfone Boyfriend

There are also rumors that Scarfone is supposedly dating a billionaire’s son in London which is why she is always seen traveling and shopping there. The identity of her boyfriend has not yet been revealed but rumor has it that it is allegedly Ghassan Zakka. As one Reddit user claimed in this thread, “he is around her age, he’s jordanian and comes from a veryyyyy well of family.”

Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan

Scarfone was previously linked to her former Too Hot To Handle costar, Nathan Soan. However, the pair reportedly confirmed their split in early 2022.

What are your thoughts on the rumors surrounding Holly Scarfone, her job and her boyfriend? Again- this is all alleged. 

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