The show, adapted from the video game series, is already getting rave reviews from critics. Keep reading to find out more!

When does Fallout show take place?

Fans are excited, and critics are raving about Amazon Prime’s upcoming series Fallout. The show, based on the video game series, takes place in a futuristic Los Angeles after the fallout—hence the name—of a nuclear incident. To save the human species, and protect themselves from surface dangers, many people live in underground bunkers. These people are known as vault dwellers.

When does Fallout show take place?

One vault dweller, Lucy MacLean, played by Ella Purnell, decides to go to the surface to bring civilization back to Earth. Once there, MacLean learns this is easier said than done.

Fallout tv show cast Walton Goggins

Throughout the trailer, fans can see several main characters including MacLean, but also Maximus, a member of the Brotherhood played by Aaron Moten, and Walton Goggins.

Fallout tv show cast Walton Goggins

At the beginning of the trailer, Goggins can be seen wearing a grey suit, seemingly selling vaults as property in what is ironically reminiscent of the 1950s. The 1950s is part of what is known as the Atomic Age. Goggins later shows up in the trailer as The Ghoul, a bounty hunter who survived the nuclear incident, only to be completely disfigured.

Speaking to Refinery29, Purnell shared how working on the show was “intimidating” saying that it was important to “treat the source material with respect”

You really want to do justice to the people who work so hard on the games and the fans who are so passionate about the games,”

Fallout tv show release date Amazon Prime

Despite initially being set for an April 11th release date, Amazon announced on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the show is coming out one day early, April 10th.

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