Regardless if you are an absolute beginner or an experienced person, kayaking is pretty exciting each time – especially if you switch up the location! If you are an outdoorsy, nature-loving traveller, you’ll enjoy going all over the world and experiencing kayaking in different locations, that’s totally something you can brag about later in life! So, here’s where you should go for a great kayaking experience!


If you are a beginner and want to test the waters, Canada is probably the best place to start your kayaking adventure! It’s common knowledge that Canada is filled with gorgeous lakes, of all shapes and sizes throughout the country. Kayaking is great, but it can be a bit dangerous if you are a beginner, so going into still water like lakes, might be the best pick for you! Emerald Lake is one of the prettiest destinations you can think of with its glorious colour and breathtaking woods around it, while Lake Louise is great to visit all year round and enjoy your kayaking activities! Basically, you can’t go wrong with lakes in Canada, they are perfect for kayaking!


The United States is a pretty large place with a lot of different locations, perfectly suited for kayaking – it all depends on what kind of kayaking you are actually looking for. There is pretty much any type of river and lake for every kayaking style you can imagine. If you are more into the fast and steep rivers, California is a state for you, but if you want versatility and a bit of everything, there are great spots to kayak in Kentucky – all in all,  expect nothing but breathtaking scenery! You can even start a little road trip all through parts of the USA and see what kind of kayaking style suits you the best! 


If you are planning your holiday, it can be a great opportunity to go somewhere perfect for kayaking! Sea kayaking is not as terrifying as it may seem, even if it is on open water – there are kayaking groups you can go with on a tour around the most beautiful tropical islands! These tours are safe and you can attend them alone or with loved ones, but rest assure you are paddling with professionals alongside you! Just remember to always put on sunscreen during your kayaking adventure in Fiji! Enjoy the hot weather, white sandy beaches, and the beautiful blue water around you!


Now, this destination is not for everyone, even the most experienced kayakers need to think twice before jumping into wild Norwegian waters! Not only is it famous for its speed, but it also has lots of drops – making kayaking a bit tricky, some may call it extreme! Drops are so harsh and big, people can get seriously injured but in most cases, you couldn’t even survive the hit. So, with all being said, Norway offers great shoreside scenery and nature around it, but it also offers an extreme landscape for watersports –  this should be perceived with caution, and consulting an experienced professional is necessary beforehand!


Yet another country in Europe that offers great options for kayakers – in fact, kayaking is pretty much the most famous water activity in Slovenia, making it a perfect destination for you! Not only is the country beautiful, but it also offers insanely clear water, with Lake Bled having the clearest water in the region. There are all sorts and kinds of tours you can partake in, or you can dabble in kayaking alone – it’s up to you, you surely won’t be disappointed either way!

New Zealand

Another great way to incorporate kayaking into your holiday – just chooses a destination that can work well with both! With a distinct landscape, New Zealand offers a lot to kayakers who are willing to tackle the waters – from long rivers, beautiful and clear lakes to open waters, there is something for everybody! The most interesting and exciting thing that perhaps sets this experience apart from the rest, is the fact that you can even paddle with dolphins! So regardless if you are a beginner or an expert at kayaking, you can navigate most areas of New Zealand or you can always be a part of a kayaking tour!

At the end of the day, kayaking is such a unique experience every time, you can find different ways to do it all over the world – location can truly change how you perceive and experience things! So if you can, make sure to try kayaking everywhere you can, it will surely be an unforgettable time!