Winnetka Bowling League releases a seemingly easy-breezy pop song with lyrical twist on “Come To The Beach.”

Listen HERE:

“Come To The Beach” will be featured on Winnetka Bowling League’s forthcoming EP entitled CONGRATULATIONS set for release September 18th via RCA Records, along with previously released tracks “Kangaroo” and “CVS.”

With the lyric “Come to the beach, Chill by the sea, See how your heavy life looks from the coast line,” Matthew Koma offers the following about his inspiration for the new song and forthcoming EP:

“’Congratulations’ and ‘Come To The Beach’ are two potentially misunderstood titles to release during a world pandemic that’s encouraging a pause in all traditional social and celebratory normals. But, they were both written pre-pandemic and hopefully they’ll last people through to post-pandemic when we can resume congratulating and going to the beach.”

The EP was written and produced by Koma,  the band’s lead singer and front man, an award-winning performer, songwriter and producer who has worked with a diverse range of artists including Bruce Springsteen, Tiësto, Ryan Tedder, RAC, The Knocks,  Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson and more. 





The Romantic Way

Come To The Beach