After a long and boring winter, the earth opens its soil once again for garden lovers. We are left with the decisions of how to structure our garden so that we can bring the best product out of it and also, to make it pleasing to the eye. A dedicated gardener does not mind working hard on his crops since he knows that effort also brings results. Here, we will try to list some ways that you can upgrade your garden and thus grow more plants.

The Soil

Soil provides an ecosystem for the plant and it holds all of the ingredients vital for plants’ growth. Of course, good vegetables will not come out of bad soil. Plants need healthy soil which is filled with nutrients, and the soil needs to retain the water. If you are putting your crops into containers, you should always put fresh soil every time you have finished with the previous since the plant already took the nutrients out of the soil, and with each use, the soil will give out less produce. You can add compost if you want to boost the soil. Soil also provides a habitat for a lot of organisms which help the growth of the crop, and many antibiotics are added to it, so the plant isn’t jeopardized by disease.

The Crops

In each climate, certain crops just grow there and they cannot sustain in other parts of the world. You cannot expect that you are going to have a lot of fruits from some tropical regions in Alaska since the climate is too harsh for them to grow. Thus you need to look and try finding out whether it is feasible for the crop you want to grow where you live. Choose crops which are accustomed to the climate and thus you will have more vegetables and fruits. You also need to consider if there is enough Sun for the crop. Also, certain crops like certain soil, so it would be advised that you inform yourself about the crops’ needs.

Kitchen Gardens

This type of growing fresh food is becoming increasingly common. Every day we can see expert chefs advising us to have this type of crop in our home and we can see how useful it is to have a fresh crop ready for use right next to us. Nowadays many products help with this type of gardening, and most, if not all, are reviewed by others online. You can take a look at the Garden Tower reviews to get in-depth information about how it started and how the growing process is done. This type of product can hold up to 50 plants and it is very lovely to look at. Also, if you think that you haven’t got enough space in your garden, this is a great solution to your problem since you couldn’t imagine how many vegetables you can grow in pots. 

Ditch the Lawn

Traditional turfs are most likely the least productive area of a typical garden and you usually spend too much time mowing and maintaining it. If you don’t need your lawn you could easily transform it into something that will benefit you and your environment.

Build Raised Beds

Those who have difficulties trying to raise crops or problems with drainage should consider implementing this improvement to their garden. Next to this being a great problem solver, it is also great for your physical health, since you don’t need to use your back as much. If you want a long-lasting raised bed you should invest in material that rots slower, like cedar, pine, or redwood. The only thing you need to think about is the right combination of soil and compost for your raised bed.

Put Garden Waste to Good Use

Any type of natural waste that is in your garden can be put back into use if you give it enough time. When garden waste is recycled it transforms into soil that is full of nutrients. It can be used for a variety of things, especially for agriculture. For every part that falls from a tree, the plant can be used in this process. You should have a special area dedicated to collecting garden waste and you can also build a special container for it. 

Gardening is not just something where you can get your fresh food, it is also a place where you can dedicate, relax, and take some time off from the noisy world around us. Look at gardening as an investment for your future, eat healthily, live healthily. Also, the joy that you feel when you eat something that is wholly natural, that you produced yourself, makes every meal taste a lot better. All the colors radiating from your plate while also knowing that you helped the world breathe leave you satisfied with yourself.

Published on Holr Magazine