Life path numbers are double-digit numbers that, like your sign, signify your purpose, weaknesses, strength, offers, and life goals. Life path numbers show your experiences and can help to explain why certain events in your past have occurred, and why events are currently occurring in your life.


Getting to know and understand your life path number is almost like having a guidebook to your existence. These numbers offer a significant look into your missions in life, and what challenges you may encounter while walking your life path. 

While many people are not familiar with life path numbers, you can put them into context and understand them a bit better by thinking of them in the way you think of Zodiac signs. These signs are given to you based on your birth date, and that is how your life path number is calculated also!


These numbers go from 1 to 9, and include power numbers, with life path number 11, life path number 22, and life path number 33 being considered master numbers.

Life Path Numbers and Self Awareness

Just as Cancers are seen as an emotional sign, and Virgos are seen as highly empathetic signs, so your life path number offers insight into your spiritual construction. These are a representation of yourself, your personality, and emotional traits and can help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses based on these signs and numbers. 


These numbers can offer a deeper look into your existence and life purpose and can help you feel more spiritually connected to yourself, especially when seeking out your purpose. If you are struggling with questions of existence, and what you are meant to be doing, learning about and understanding your life path numbers can be a great way to get your mind right and embark on the path that was meant for you, leading to greater fulfillment and happiness.


In understanding your life path number, you can also achieve a greater sense of understanding of the world around you, as well as the people in your life. These numbers help you to achieve closeness and connection with both the outer world and the inner world and help you to truly understand yourself and why you often encounter certain types of people, challenges, and experiences.


People with certain life path numbers will crave a more structured and rigid life, while other numbers will crave freedom and be seen as the “wild child”. Your life path number is a way to describe your emotional and physical traits which help to explain why you make certain decisions, or long for certain experiences. Life path numbers will correspond with the way you want to live and help you to acknowledge your path and purpose in this crazy thing called life.

Life Path Number 1

These numbers value their individuality and often crave independence. If you are a number 1 you are often born to lead, rather than to follow, but can sometimes be seen as conceited.

Life Path Number 2

This number is associated with empathy and patience. Number 2’s are often introverted and are at risk of becoming more emotional than is warranted.

Life Path Number 3

These are the creators and often are seen as less serious as they tend to be playful. But these individuals can often become overwhelmed and bite off a bit more than they can chew.

Life Path Number 4

Very practical and hardworking individuals, who tend to build the foundations and are seen as knowledgeable. These numbers can be a bit too overly cautious and maybe a bit hard on those around them.

Life Path Number 5

These are the wild ones, who crave adventure and freedom. Very quick learners and motivated to start things, but oftentimes leave the job half done.

Life Path Number 6

These people are born to nurture and are responsible and family-oriented but can, unfortunately, be a bit critical and controlling.

Life Path Number 7

This number can be very independent and intelligent, but can push people away and be seen as condescending.

Life Path Number 8

This number is the boss, great at conflict resolution and making money. This comes with the flaw of often being controlling and refusing to take advice.

Life Path Number 9

Very community focused and often incredibly compassionate and charismatic. They are at risk of being taken advantage of or sinking into depression.

While these numbers don’t necessarily dictate exactly who you should be, they can offer insights into why you are the person you are, and what you can look for when seeking self-improvement and surety of your chosen life path.