Human Design is an incredible tool to allow us to understand our Unique Method of Manifestation. There are so many individualized layers – such as your Manifestation Arrow – Specific or Non-Specific, your Environment, Digestion and various Themes that allow you to access the depths of abundance you’re born for! When we work through our Manifestation Process, we become an Energetic Match for our desires. This takes deep de-conditioning, as we like to call – the unsexy-work. It’s a process of seeing where our Ego is taking over and how we can align deeper within our Human Design to access our true authenticity and power, and to learn how to trust it. 

When we begin the process, one of the most powerful elements is the Declaration of our Desires. This is where so many people stall, get stuck, play small or create resistance. We’re afraid to admit our truest desires, wants, needs, dreams and visions! We already feel like we can’t have them and if we don’t declare them, we keep ourselves safe and prevent any hurt of possibly NOT having them come true. 

This is the quickest way to fast track your Manifestation Process to to get so real, raw and honest with yourself and DECLARE what you want, so that you can witness any shame, guilt or fear. 

When we Declare, we let the Universe know we want it – we’re ready for it, it can deliver. It’s powerful. It screams trust within yourself! When you declare, you also declare it to you – you want it, you’re admitting it, you’re ready! 

This is the first step in becoming the Energetic Match for the Manifestation!

Let’s Breakdown the Power in the Declaration for each Energy Type: 

  1. Manifestors: your Declaration finally gives permission to yourself to move with the power that is within – you have clarity and certainty and now you get to go make it happen! You are the driver in this process! 
  2. Generators: your Declaration is full clarity on what feels good, exciting and full body YES and you start to activate the energy within to attract your next step! It’s so magnetizing!
  3. Manifesting Generators: your Declaration brings more zest in each step you take! You become an effortless magnet to even more wonderful things occurring in your life! You start to witness the world bend for you and effortless happiness overflows! 
  4. Projectors: your Declaration sends frequencies of power and confidence! The world starts to see you in a new light, the light you’re meant to shine in. It’s powerful, it’s bold, it’s graceful.this declaration sends light and wisdom into your being! 
  5. Reflectors: your Declaration opens up space for the right people and environments to find you. It leaves you with a sense of certainty and ease, happiness and trust. When you declare, you’re truly ready and it’s felt! 

The Universe is always waiting for you. It wants to deliver you everything you’ve ever desired, and the abundance you’re born to hold! It just needs you to go first – to make the first move, to say it out loud, to do the unsexy work to become the person that trusts and moves as the fullest expression of themselves! 

So, what are you Declaring today? What desires have you kept buried down inside that are ready to surface!? Let’s hear them! New to Human Design? Be sure to download your personalized free chart here

By Amy Elizabeth and Liz Coyles, Align by Design 

About Align by Design 

Align by Design is a Human Design Brand built on Integrity, Alignment, Personal Power and Unique Sexy Energy. We provide communities, spaces, and resources – not just to inform you about Human Design, but to provide transformation. Align by Design strives to bring luxury into the Human Design world and fill the spaces that go unseen – where others aren’t willing to go, and create absolute magic! Amy 

provides a Human Design Certification Program – the Babes of HD, along with several programs based on your Design – Projector Power Paradigm, Money, Magnetism, Sex and Power for Manifesting Generators and Generators, (Liz), The Manifestor Matrix. Liz provides Human Design Readings in collaboration with 

where you are currently and what’s holding you back – she often is told they just worked through seven years of therapy in 75 minutes! We work the unsexy work, so your own expressed sexy energy is powerfully felt! We strive to always provide opportunities to understand and tangibly take human design and work with it immediately into your life – to create the ease, impact, income, and undeniable magnetism you’re born with.