Cozy season it’s here and to commemorate it we’ve compiled a list of 10 movies from romance to thriller coming out on Netflix this season and that we should absolutely watch when do.


A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting

 Coming on October 15th, the movie is about a high-schooler, Kelly Ferguson, that is recruited by a secret society of babysitters on Halloween and battles monsters when they kidnap the boy she’s babysitting. Based on the book A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting.

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Written and directed by Academy Award®-Winner Aaron Sorkin. It all started with what was supposed to be a peaceful protest at the Democratic National Convention of 1968 that was turned into a violent confrontation with the National Guard and the Police. A very notorious trial followed this. Coming out on October 16th. 


A modern adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s gothic novel is coming out on October 21st. She is newlywed and is moving to her husband’s family state where she has to battle with the shadow of his first wife, Rebecca. Starring: Lily James, Armie Hammer, and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Over the Moon

Directed by Oscar®-Winning Filmmaker & Animator, Glen Keane, and produced by Gennie Rim and Peilin Chou. Her determination and passion for science helped her build a rocket ship to the moon so she can prove the existence of a legendary Moon Goddess. Coming out on October 23rd


They’re both tired of being alone in the holidays, so they get a Holidate: a date for the holidays all year round, no commitment, and completely platonic. That can’t get complicated, right? Starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, this movie is coming out on October 28th.

Rogue City (Bronx)

This French movie is about the rivalry between the police and gangs in Marseille, where there is no border between personal and professional justice, a dark and intense thriller directed by Olivier Marchal, coming out on October 30th.

The Day Of The Lord

Coming out on October 30th, this Mexican horror movie is about a retired priest that is haunted by his sins when a dear friend asks him to help his possessed daughter.

The Princess Switch: Switch Again

When Margaret (Vanessa Hudgens) hits a romantic patch with Kevin (Nick Sagar) before her coronation, it’s up to Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens) to help her before a new lookalike spoils their plans. Coming out November 19th.

Hillbilly Elegy

The film is scheduled to be out on Netflix in November. Based on the memoir of the same name, this drama film is about the history of an Appalachian family. 

Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight

This polish movie is about a group of teenagers that are addicted to technology go to a rehabilitation camp in the forest, but there is a sinister force that doesn’t want them to get the support they need. Coming out on October 28th.