In the past year or so, chokers have taken the accessory game by the storm. It all started as a throwback with the netted choker pre-teens would manage to slip over their heads and not take off for days. Now the necklace accessory has evolved into a variety of styles and there’s no one better who rocks them than Emily Ratajkowski.

1. The Classic Tie Choker

A staple in every accessory collection, this choker compliments any outfit. The best part is, you can get extremely creative with it.


2. The Dainty Choker

Just a tiny, hidden detail.


3. The Fabric Choker

This one looks great when it directly matches with what you’re wearing. Emily totally nails it.

FullSizeRender4. The Two-Piece Choker

One longer than the other.


5. The Layered Choker

This choker is usually a few layers with a variety of lengths and styles. Get one that isn’t all on the same clasp – that way you can wear as many or as little as desired.


Written by Ania Bessonov

Images retrieved from @emrata