As Scandinavia’s only Fashion Week, Copenhagen Fashion Week puts on quite a show for viewers all over the world with their daring designers and extravagant trends.

This August, over 40 designers showcased their creations and left nothing to the imagination. From colours to textures to structure, each piece was unique and showstopping. It’s hard to tell which trends will trickle across the ocean into Canada for the Spring/Summer season, but there were definitely a few that took us by surprise. 

cover photo: Harper’s Bazaar 

VINYL TWO PIECES Seen on the Ganni and Saks Potts runway, vinyl two piece suits definitely give off a sophisticated and put-together vibe. By purchasing a vinyl two piece suit in a snakeskin print, or in a bold colour will keep you even more on-trend. The only downside to this spring trend is that as the weather gets warmer, the vinyl will only become more hot and cause more sweat underneath, so make sure to take advantage of vinyl before the sun gets too strong! 


PUFFED SLEEVES Seen both on the runway and on the streets, puffed sleeves are making a huge comeback. What once donned the sleeves of a floor length gown at a holiday ball now grace the arms of fashionistas everywhere. Choose long or short, but make sure the sleeves are bold and full of volume. 


OVERSIZED FAUX FUR BAGS These were seen on the runways at Copenhagen Fashion Week and will soon be seen on the arms of city girls around the world. Oversized faux fur bags are the perfect way to take a simple outfit way past the next level. From tote bags to shapeless clutches, the models showed off stunning and fuzzy creations. Although it may seem strange to carry a faux fur bag in the warmer months, they are sure to make a statement. 

BABUSHKA SCARVES Spotted in the shows of both Helmstedt and Pseudonym, babushkas were a modest, colourful accent to the fashion forward pieces donned by each model. The idea of adding a pop of color or pattern with a head scarf is an innovative idea straight from the runways of Copenhagen. The twist? It was worn by both male and female models! 

PUFFER VESTS While the vest has never truly gone away, it’s coming back in full force with a brand new texture – puffed! The bulky silhouette would pair perfectly with skinny jeans or a simple tank. Similar to the vinyl, puffer vests will be very warm and may be better for the cool spring as opposed to the warmer weather that summer brings. 

One week in Copenhagen brought hundreds of new ideas and new trends that are about to take over the world. These are only five of the most innovative designs and ideas for Spring and Summer 2020. Let us know what your favourite trends were from Copenhagen Fashion Week and which ones you’re most likely to try! Take a chance, it’s always a great idea to have fun with fashion!