Abu Ubaidah Hamas Face Revealed

Abu Obaida, identified as a spokesperson for terrorist organization Hamas, had kept his face hidden for over 20 years until Israel has seemingly revealed his real identity in a recent clip. Known for donning a keffiyeh to cover his face during public appearances, he first emerged in 2006 when announcing the capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Over time, he made statements during various escalations in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, often vowing aggressive, barbaric actions towards Israel. He has been a vocal advocate of violence and has issued threats regarding prisoner exchanges. Most recently, he allegedly declared intentions to broadcast executions of Israeli hostages, prompting Israel’s military to intensify efforts to locate him. His true identity remains largely unknown, but his statements have reflected Hamas’s terrorist views.

Senior Israeli officer Avijaa Adraei wrote on X, “It is time to stop covering up. The mask and keffiyeh will not help you and your organisation to hide the blows you are suffering and the fate of those who remain.” Alongside it was a video of a man wearing a keffiyeh – a traditional headdress that covers the face – which is then removed to reveal his features.

On Wikipedia it says that his alias name is likely inspired by Abu Ubayda ibn al-Jarrah, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad and “the commander of Rashidun Caliphate forces during the Battle of the Yarmuk and Siege of Jerusalem during the 7th century.”