In a tearful video posted to Twitter earlier today, Grammy winner Adele revealed that her highly-anticipated Las Vegas residency has to be postponed just 30 hours before the curtain call. 

The ‘Easy On Me’ singer revealed while trying to keep it together, that she is deeply sorry about this news, and that the reason is because of COVID-19 and how it has been affecting her crew.

She stated that she and her team have been awake for over 30 hours trying to make this right, but they have been running out of time and wanted to give the news as soon as possible.

Today’s Show

Adele apologize and said how truly sorry she was for the people who have travelled all this way to come see her show, and for once again not being able to complete her tour.

As she probably needs some much-needed rest, she stated that she and the team are focused on finding rescheduled dates that hopefully can work better for her, the crew, and the fans.

Tickets to see Adele at Caesars Palace started at $85-$650 the resale value spiked between $1k and $35,000.

Article published by HOLR Magazine