Every success story starts with taking a risk. In the case of Designer Fotini Copeland, that meant walking away from a corporate career to pursue the competitive world of luxury fashion design. After successfully following her new path and excelling in the field, Fotini decided to document her journey in a memoir, fittingly titled, ‘Alterations in Life: Finding My Way in Fashion.’ The Memoir dives deep into the Fashion Industry and what it truly takes to make it, while weaving in anecdotes about what her personal journey was like.

‘Alterations in Life: Finding My Way in Fashion’ is an entertaining and empowering read, that any aspiring entrepreneur should add to their list. Fotini Copeland doesn’t hold back with indulging the reader in a candid view on the industry covering both the highs and lows while weaving in laughter and inspiration. Since launching her fashion business in 2010, Fotini was able to translate her passion into 5 successful seasons showing at New York Fashion Week, a loyal client base and one of her designs making it onto the MET Gala carpet on Actress/Comedian Amy Poehler. But all of this would not have been possible if Fotini didn’t have the foundation needed to succeed.

Ater graduating from high school, the young woman already had an urge to puruse a career in fashion but her father put a quick stop to it. Instead, he encouraged Fotini to take business in school and pursue a career in the corporate world. Despite her interest in fashion, she heeded his advice and in hindsight, Fotini says that this is the best decision that she ever made. With her background in the corporate world, when she finally felt ready to take the plunge and foray into fashion she had learned invaluable skills that would help her succeed.

In 2007, Fotini started to travel between Canada and Italy studying corestry alongside artisans in Como, Belogna and Bergamo. She then channeled that knowledge into building her luxury design label, which she ran in New York. The designer says she built her brand around empowering women through their style and placed emphasis on timeless silhouettes that translated strength and femininity.  In addition to her passion for corsetry she took her fashion inspiration and developed garments in a realistic and wearable approach.

When asked what she believes the keys to succeeding as an entrepreneur are, Fotini stresses that there are no shortcuts. That the only way to success is through discipline, hard work, dedication and perseverance. Fotini documents her entire journey in her new book, ‘Alterations in Life’ and shares all of the lessons that she learned on her road to success with the reader.

While the book is inspiring and takes you on an interesting journey, perhaps one of the biggest takeaways is that Fotini Copeland doesn’t believe in placing limitations on oneself as society may sometimes dictate. Instead, through her journey and words she allows women to see that dreams are possible at any stage in life. Fotini took a risk by leaving her corporate job while a mother of two but it was that same tenacity that allowed her to do that in the first place that ended up leading to her success.

Today, Fotini is focusing on an extension of her fashion brand in Personal Brand Enhancement and Style Strategy.  Fotini Copeland is taking everything that she learned throughout her journey in developing her business to help women.  This business came to fruition organically and through her clients and listening to their needs.  The focus is on visual representation, demeanour and expression capability.  Through her public speaking engagements or one-on-one private consultations a strategy is developed that enhances her client – not change who they are.

After reading, ‘Alterations in Life: Finding My Way in Fashion,’ Fotini is an entrepreneur that we would happily take advice from over and over again. Pick up a copy of her book here and check out her website to learn more about her and her new venture.