Lizzo is fed up with people constantly criticizing her physique and claims she isn’t here to meet anyone’s standards of beauty. She responded to all body-shaming comments via her latest video.

Lizzo recently posted a video in a bikini when she gets into a lengthy tirade against anybody and everyone who criticizes her body.


After listing all the numerous things she has heard about her own body, Lizzo declares that she is sick of the conversation concerning bodies. She makes the point that no matter what she does, someone will always find fault with it.

In keeping with her usual practice on this subject, Lizzo doesn’t name any specific individuals in her tirade, but she addresses her critics in general, including celebrities, calling them “delusional.”

Lizzo says, My Body “It’s My Work of Art”

According to Lizzo, she isn’t here to meet anyone’s beauty standards and she is free to do anything she wants with her body, which she considers to be a work of art in and of itself.

Lizzo suggests charging $5.99 for each comment made on one of her tweets since she claims people are wasting their time commenting on all of her Twitter posts.

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