Ashton Kutcher interview reveals his thoughts and reactions towards ex-wife Demi Moore’s memoir!

Ashton Kutcher recently revealed he was “f**king p**sed” in reaction to his former wife, Demi Moore’s, memoir as mentioned here. Kutcher revealed his reaction to the memoir in a new interview with Esquire.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore

Apparently, Moore went into detail about the duo’s previous marriage and their issues in her memoir titled, Inside Out- which Kutcher apparently did not appreciate because it sparked a newfound interest in his now family within the press. Kutcher and Moore got married in 2005. Moore’s memoir was released back in 2019. Within the memoir, Moore also detailed that she went through a miscarriage during their marriage. Kutcher was previously a step-father to Moore’s 3 kids she shared with her ex-husband, Bruce Willis.

Kutcher also reflected on his role as a step-father at the young age of 26 (as mentioned in the article) stating, “I was twenty-six, bearing the responsibility of an eight-year-old, a ten-year-old, and a twelve-year-old. That’s how some teen parents must experience their twenties.”

According to more bombshell claims made in the memoir, after a public breakup and cheating allegations, Moore reportedly began drinking again during her marriage to Kutcher even after 20 years of being sober, as noted here.

Ashton Kutcher Wife

According to this article, once Moore’s book dropped, the press went wild. Kutcher reportedly said, “I’d finally gotten to a place where the press had really laid off me and [wife Mila Kunis], and my life and my family. And then the next day, [the paparazzi] are at my kids’ school,” as stated in this article.

Kutcher and Moore divorced in 2011 after claims came about that Kutcher was allegedly being unfaithful, as mentioned here. Once their divorce was finalized in 2013, Kutcher got married to Mila Kunis, his now wife, 2 years later. Kutcher and Kunis now share 2 children together.

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