The global pandemic has played a major role in how we approach beauty these days.

Last year, many of us opted for more natural-looking, low-maintenance looks while some went for super creative and bold hair colours.

And after what has felt like the longest and most unprecedented year of our lives, we are officially ready for the New Year, 2022! So what better way to celebrate than going through the best beauty trends of the year: 

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Coloured Mascara:

“With all eyes on eyes, when it comes to bright-coloured mascaras and Technicolor lashes, it brings a lot of playfulness and joy as it was one of the top beauty trends of the year which makes our face pop while wearing a mask. 

The sky is the limit where formula and colour are concerned, and if you’re building up your sea legs, recommend using one coat of coloured mascara first, followed by a stroke of black or brown, a layering technique that will give you a slightly more subdued take on the trend. 

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Stained Lip Colour:

When it comes to lip products, long-wearing stains have taken the reigns. Choose something that’s bold and has stamina. 

Long-wear lipstick never had a more relevant place in our beauty bags. Apply a couple of coats of your favourite stain and blot in between each application, this will stain your lips and allow you to wear a bold colour without it getting smeared all over your face if you end up putting a mask on. Recommending Armani Beauty’s Lip Maestro collection The colour range is epic, and the formula feels amazing on your lips.

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The resurgence of Early 2000s:

Early 2000s makeup was back for 2021 with full, feathery brows and soft, chocolate brown lips.

The key, however, is to keep things light and fresh. To try the look yourself, fill in your brows with light, upward strokes using a thin brow pencil, which ensures a more realistic finish that mimics your natural brow hairs. 

Then, create your chocolaty brown lip by outlining your pout with a flesh-tone lip liner, filling it all in with a moisturizing lipstick, and pressing your lips together to blur out the lip line. Check out Propa Beauty’s collection of lipstick, which contains a wide variety of neutral brown hues that cater to all skin tones. 

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All Natural Without Make-Up: 

Clean, glowing skin was a top beauty trend this year as a lot of people moved their focus to their skincare routines and products in order to have fresh and glowing skin without any makeup.

For more beauty trends, check out whowhatwear.com. 

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