Is Bethenny Frankel cancelled?

Even though Bethenny Frankel is no stranger to controversy, it would appear that she’s set to be cancelled after her latest misstep.

But what happened and how did it come about?

@bethennyfrankel Sorry not sorry. What do you suggest i do? And yes i’m aware of shelters. Yes I can sell and donate to charity & also give as gifts. YES YES YES #donate #makeup #cheap #RHOUTLET ♬ original sound – Bethenny Frankel

By trying to gift opened but “unused” makeup to T.J. Maxx employees apparently – seriously?

And somehow that action translated to having “white saviour complex?”

Or is it just the words of a bitter former friend?

But Frankel doesn’t seem to think she did anything wrong though.

“I came to T.J. Maxx with my daughter because the women who work here are so nice, and they’re always complimenting me on what we buy,” Frankel tried to explain.

“I wanted to bring them some of the leftover makeup that I just try, like open up and put in a giveaway pile. But it’s all brand new.”

Frankel also said, “I always have bags in my car for random acts of kindness. If someone’s nice to me, I just hand them something.”

Frankel says “no” to cancel culture.

Even though Frankel did not name names, Frankel responded to being branded as having “white saviour complex.”

After former friend and RHONY co-star Carole Radziwill commented on a reaction post from TikTok user @ivonnecruz2525.

“Who sent this to me? Lol. I mean stop this nonsense. So much to unpack but I’m not getting paid to do this any longer. But here…one “word”: #whitesaviorcomplex,” Radziwill said in the post.

@bethennyfrankel Enough is enough now with the stupidity, the lack of knowledge and education and the keyboard courage. #whitesaviorcomplex #cancelculture ♬ original sound – Bethenny Frankel

Frankel admitted she didn’t even know what that term meant but instead chose to hold her head high.

“We’re just in this time where people just want to say something provocative so people can jump on and the mob can come, and it’s like everyone’s just trying to come up with some great catchphrase that they can criticize you of.”

What happened with Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill?

Perhaps the reasons surrounding their fallout caused Radziwill to view Frankel’s actions as a saviour complex?

Considering the claims that their whole friendship was just a “transaction” between them led to the apparent feud.

But still, does Radziwill or anyone else consider the impacts of cancel culture? because it’s not just the person cancelled that is affected.

So is the canceller.

Do you think Frankel deserved to be cancelled? #stopcancelculture.

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