Love is Blind‘s most controversial couple- Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas- have called it quits. HOLR breaks down the news.

Jackie and Josh Split

According to this TikTok video posted by user @storytimewithrikkii, Jackie and Josh have officially ended their relationship after one year of dating.


Jackie & Josh from Love is Blind season 4 have called it quits.💔 Thank you to @ASHLEY || REALITY TV for the info!! #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblindseason4 #jackieandjosh #jackieandmarshall #loveisblindtok #realitytv

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Jackie and Josh from Love is Blind

The pair met on the latest season of Love is Blind after it didn’t work out with their respective partners. Jackie recently went live on social media discussing why their relationship ended even though the duo seemed to be happy on the follow-up show, Love is Blind: After the Altar. She swiftly mentions that Josh had a “conversation” with “her” who many think to be his ex-fiancée, Monica Rodriguez. When talking about their break up, Jackie claims, “I’m still sick about it, lowkey. I love that man.”

We don’t know for sure what happened with the conversation between Josh and Monica but it was seemingly big enough to cause Jackie and Josh to split. Did Josh cheat on Jackie? Again, this is all speculation- everything is alleged as we don’t have more details and Jackie and Josh have not shared specifics as to what led to them calling it quits. Jackie and Josh were met with a lot of controversy after it was discovered that they were dating following Jackie’s split from her ex-fiancé Marshall Glaze.

Josh also made a public statement on social media recently addressing their split.


Josh has released a statement regarding his break up with Jackie from love is blind season 4.😂 (Its not funny, let me be serious) 😅 #loveisblindnetflix#loveisblindseason4#jackieandmarshall#loveisblindtok#realitytv#jackieandjosh#greenscreen

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Josh mentions how it was difficult having a relationship “in front of the world” following the pair getting together on the latest season of the hit Netflix show. He ends his statement by claiming that he got to meet an “incredible” woman when referring to Jackie.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support claims that Josh allegedly cheated on Jackie, what do you think about these two calling it quits?

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