Published in 2017, P.S. From Paris is a beautiful novel written by the most-read French author alive Marc Levy. A sweet love story between bestselling writer Paul and Mia, a famous actress hiding in the City of Lights. Pages flip rapidly while you read this book, curious to know what happens next. Join Paul and Mia in their crossed journeys and venture through the streets of Paris to live this unexpected love.

Mia is a popular, world-famous British actress who desperately needs a break from reality. She, who is used to playing passionate women on the big screen, is sick of her husband David’s lies and sees her marriage going through turbulent waters. She decides to hide behind fake glasses, a new haircut, and a waitressing job at her best friend Daisy’s restaurant in Paris. What Mia could never expect though, was to fall in love after registering for a dating site in the City of Lights. 

On another side of the story is Paul, an American author seeking inspiration for a new book after his debut novel being an absolute success but his other books not so much. He moved from San Francisco to Paris 7 years ago, hoping to find some peace and quiet days as he works on his next masterpiece. He is the lonely type, someone who prefers the company of his book characters over the real-life around him. The sole woman in Paul’s life is his Korean translator Kyong, who he only sees twice a year, due to the incredible success of his work in South Korea. What Paul could never expect though, was for his visiting friends to set him up with a complete stranger from a dating website.

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After Paul’s friends Arthur and Lauren trick him into having a rendezvous with Mia, their paths cross for good and an irresistible Parisian love arises for two people whose relationship status was more than complicated. As much as the love birds try to resist their insurgent feelings for each other, under the excuse of being “just friends”, this is a strategy much easier said than done. They could both need a good friend but destiny and fate seem to have other plans for the two of them.

Marc Levy

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Marc Levy is the most-read French author alive, with more than 40 million books sold, and the masterpiece P.S.From Paris: a Novel is his 19th book release. Acclaimed by critics worldwide, this book will make readers flip pages at the speed of light. According to Le Figaro Littéraire, “Levy introduces a delightful mix of secondary characters and describes the film and publishing worlds with a derisive and self-deprecating eye” while to France Inter Radio, Levy’s book is “a beautiful, uplifting love story with plenty of twists and turns… A passionate novel”. This definitely-worth-reading novel will drag you into a mixture of emotions, a few tears, and a lot of laughter. Make sure to check this book out!

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