An alleged mistake was seemingly exposed in the latest British Vogue cover that was revealed earlier this week. HOLR breaks down the alleged news.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @omgitsbiancaaa, there was a mistake in the latest iconic British Vogue cover reveal online this week that recently got exposed.

British Vogue Cover

As noted in the video, the caption claims that it was Edward Enninful’s final issue, in which 40 ‘legendary’ women graced the cover as stars. However, when the TikTok creator clicked Edward’s tag in the Instagram post’s caption, the profile page of another person who allegedly goes by the name Edward Enninful popped up instead of the actual editor-in-chief.

As you can see by the image above, a different Edward Enninful was seemingly accidentally tagged in the post’s caption. As a result, the real Edward Enninful allegedly had to correct this mistake after it was exposed.

What do you think about this alleged mistake?

Published by HOLR Magazine.