Singer Britney Spears used face tune in selfie pic with Cade Hudson.

But first, hear what Britney Spears had to say about the popular Face Tune app.

“I’m in such a beautiful location!!! I’m so lucky to have amazing friends!!! Positive affirmations are important to me at the moment!!!”

And while she continued her statement on the Instagram post, Spears made it clear this was a one day at a time for her.

And it would appear that Face Tune gave Spears what she needed- to feel good about herself,

While she also learned to breathe on her own and love herself again.

Basically, she just wanted to have some fun and feel good about it.

britney spears

Credit Image: Britney Spears Instagram

And why shouldn’t she? coming out from a divorce isn’t easy… on anyone but for some reason the world is critical of everything she does.

And yes, she had made some questionable choices, but this is just in fun, and we all do it.

Britney Spears says, “I’m not promoting Face Tune.”

Meanwhile though, you have to ask why people are being hard on Spears for using Face Tune and being ok with others using it.

Spears even lashed out a little at the haters by telling them “Who cares?”

It’s true that Spears had long been accused of heavily retouching her photos and accusing paparazzi of doing the same.

But she explained her use of the app as “seeing things brighter.”

“I see things in a brighter way and so what if it’s enhanced!!! she said in the post.

But since the app’s inception it had been used by celebrities and influencers alike.

britney spears

Credit Image: Britney Spears Instagram

What celebrities and influencers use Face Tune?

Nikkie de Jager, AKA Nikkie Tutorials

YouTube beauty star Manny Mua

Vlogger Molly Mae

Chrissy Teigen

Kris Jenner

Khloe Kardashian

And these are just some of the celebrities and influencers and a majority of them are all about how to stand out and look the best.

So, why are people penalising Britney Spears?

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