Thinking about some redecorating, or maybe bringing some furniture back to life, well DIY is the new trend that everyone can do. Many people make it seem so easy, but the trick to a good DIY is to start small and work your way up to the big projects, picking carefully what you should be DIY-ing and what you should just buy from the store. 

As TikTok became an app not only for teenagers, it also became an app to show you what you can DIY and how you can do it in as little as 60 seconds. Obviously, you can not do DIY’s in 60 seconds, but some hacks are as quick as a coat of paint, and some are completely starting from scratch projects. 

The most popular hacks that came from DIY Tik Tok were about turning your boring living space into something out of a magazine. The easiest way to do that was to find cheap furniture and restore it. As the mid-century vibe has become popular again, many people would clean up an older piece of furniture, and maybe add a bit of white chalk paint to it, and some new knobs. 

But the biggest discovery for DIY projects was the Ikea mirror. This was one of the really big projects, one that comes with a lot of measurements, a lot of power tools, and a lot of time. 

The basic idea was taking the Ikea Lots mirrors which are 12×12 and adding trim around them to create a french door looking mirror. This seems easy, but because of uneven measurements, the project takes a lot of rearranging and cutting to make everything fit perfectly. Consider this a master DIY-er project, but keep it in mind for when you’re ready. 

The best way to get involved and learn about how to properly DIY is by watching how-to videos. The basics start with mostly some paint, maybe building small tables or wall mounts, and of course good decor. 

A good DIY-er always starts off small and with the basics, allowing for your skills to improve slowly, like how to use power tools, and knowing which to use. If you’re thinking of becoming a DIY-er, start by thinking about what needs to be done, and set a goal and timeline of when you want it finished, then boom, you’re ready for your first project, and get to call yourself a DIY-er.