Today, April 22nd, skip the shower, turn your camera off, and relax with a Coors Hard Seltzer. Why you may ask?  

Well, Coors Seltzer is launching a volunteer program that helps protect Canada’s water and all  YOU have to do to participate is skip the shower in an effort to save water and give back to the earth.  

Work from home life has resulted in many Canadians on a morning shower routine to be camera ready for their day filled with video conference calls. By skipping a five-minute shower,  Canadians can save an average of 100 litres of water and permit themselves to keep their camera off all day while participating in a volunteer event. In sneaking a sip of Coors Seltzer off camera during an afternoon meeting, this does double-duty for the waters, as with every 12-pack of these hard seltzers, it helps restore 1,000 litres of Canada’s waters. 

In addition to working from home, volunteering has also become an obstacle amidst these uncertain times. With this volunteer initiative, Coors provides for this break from the pressures of this camera-ready world while simultaneously giving back to the Earth we live on. 

You can also easily redeem a gift from Coors Seltzer just for sharing your pledge. Simply share one of the pledge posts on your story, tag @CoorsLightCanada, and use the hashtag  #CoorsSeltzerVolunteer. With these easy steps, you can enjoy a Coors Seltzer gift to cheers with! 

As Ava Gladman, Brand Manager, Coors Seltzer says “… let’s take this pledge for the waters  and enjoy peak comfort while doing it.” So, cheers to exposing your messy hair, putting on some comfortable pyjamas, and indulging in Coors Hard Seltzers on April 22nd. 

Canada’s waters will thank you.