If you could pick one outfit from the ’90s which would it be? The iconic Jennifer Aniston black dress, white t-shirt and pigtails? Or is it from Princess Diana’s oversized graphic crew neck, biker shorts and chunky Nikes? Any of these looks can totally be worn today because 90’s fashion is back in style, and we’re going to show you some of the most iconic looks that you might want to try.

Jennifer Aniston is the queen of the ’90s, from playing Rachel Green in ‘Friends’ and being married to Brad Pitt, all her looks are ever so iconic. The white t-shirt with a black mini dress was a cute street style look, she pulled this outfit together with a backwards black baseball cap, pigtails, and of course her walkman. To finish this look off she waist-tied a black striped sweater and threw on some black strappy sandals and small round sunnies. This is a look we could never forget.

Another iconic look that many wear today is a re-occurring look from Princess Diana, as many would call her ‘gym outfit’, ladies nowadays wear it even when not going to the gym. The oversized graphic crew neck is always a plus, but Diana paired it mostly with a black or vibrant bike short, white long socks, and a chunky white sneaker, but you can opt-out of putting your keys in your mouth.

Brad Pitt will be iconic no matter what he wears, but in the ‘90’s he sure was a heartthrob, especially because of what he wore. Now before he married Jennifer Aniston, he was hooked and linked to Gwyneth Paltrow, and some of his best looks were with her. Brad rocked the ‘i don’t care about fashion’ look, especially because everything he wore looked amazing. For instance, Brad knew that even bleached jeans and an oversized knit sweater would be the perfect outfit, and to top it off (literally) he threw on a knit beanie to pull back his long blonde locks.

The Beckhams are always known for their sense of style but the ’90s was truly their ‘posh’ moment (see what I did there?) Victoria and David have never missed when it comes to outfits, and the best parts were almost always their accessories. One of the most iconic photos of the couple was an airport looks, David in a plain black t-shirt and jeans, but wearing white open-toed sandals, holding a (few) Louis Vuitton duffles, while Victoria wore a tight brown zipped dress, and sand toned wedges, also holding a Louis Vuitton garment bag and a cheetah print purse over her shoulder. 

Some honourable mentions go to Mariah Carey in a black high slit skirt with a spaghetti strap banded top, Will Smith in his Jordan black and white tracksuit sans shirt. With looks like these, we can’t help but not want to recreate them. Some being as simple as jeans, sweaters, and biker

shorts, while others hit hard when it comes to accessories like animal print purses, Louis Vuitton duffles, open-toed sandals and definitely sunnies, we always love a good sunny.